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The Cast House plant of Tianjin Zhongwang Aluminium Co., Ltd introduces world leading melting and casting equipment from abroad, including melting and holding furnaces from Gautschi, Electromagnetic stirrer from ABB, SNIF on-line degassing device, DBF from Novelis, Casting machine from Wagstaff, Homogenizing furnace from EFR, Intelligent flat storage from Vollert, Scalping machine from SMS MEER and Slab sawing machine from Moessner.

Melting FurnaceHolding Furnace

Melting Furnace: from Gautschi, a Switzerland company, max. capacity of 120 tons, with outstanding features, such as, high inefficiency, low power consumption and high safe security.

Holding Furnace: from Gautschi, tilting type, with the ability of keeping the melt metal flow steadily into the mold with uniform temperature, which is a guarantee of producing high quality ingots.

Wagstaff Casting Machine SMS Meer Scalping Machine

Hydraulic semi-continuous casting machine: from Wagstaff, an America company, max.casting dimension 120 tons, which is a guarantee for the controllability and steadiness of the casting process.

   Mossner Sawing Machine  EFR Homogenizing Furnace

Sawing Machine: from Mossener, a German company, max. sawing speed of 14 slabs/h.

Homogenizing Furnace: function as supplying homogenizing treatment of the ingots in order to eliminate the micro-segregation, to release the inner stress, to homogenize the distribution of the chemical elements and to gain better deformation processing performance. The uniformity performance of the EFR furnace air temperature is classified as the first class according to the AMS 2750 Aerospace heat treatment standard. Meanwhile, the temperature reading system of the EFR furnace also satisfies the AMS2750 standard. 

Novelis PAE Deep Bed Filtering DeviceCFF Plate-Type Filtering Device

PDBF Deep Bed Filtering Device: With accurate calibrated alumina balls and alumina gravel as filter media, when the melt metal flow through the filter box, the inclusions will be left at the filter bed so as to clean the melt metal. On the top and bottom part of the filter box, there are heating devices so that the temperature difference within the box will not exceed 10℃. The removal rate for the inclusions size above 10μm can reach 95%.

CFF plate-type filtering device: with ceramic filter plate as the filter media, when the melt metal flow through the filter box, the inclusions will be removed by plates with different PPI value so as to clean the melt metal.

Twin-chamber FurnaceMedium Frequency Induction Furnace

Twin-chamber furnace: from LOI, a German company, with a capacity of 60 tons, installed with regenerative central heat ex-changer, specializing in melting scraps.

Medium Frequency Induction Furnace: from Junker, a German company, with a capacity of 7.5 tons, specializing in melting Al.&Al.alloy process scraps and chips.

Electromagnetic Stirreron-line Degassing Device

Electromagnetic Stirrer: from ABB, with the outstanding features of high stirring efficiency and high reliability, function as increasing the melting speed, decreasing the power consumption and slag formation, and increasing the uniformity of the melt.

SNIF on-line degassing device: function as removing the hydrogen and a few amount of alkali metal within the melt. Through one or more rotary nozzles, this device cuts the process gas into mini bubbles. The hydrogen within the melt will flow up with these mini process gas bubbles so as to clean the melt.

Ultrasonic ingot detection device: detection grade of 3A 0.8.

Ultrasonic Ingot Detection DeviceVollert Flat Storage

Vollert Intelligent Flat Storage: Fully automatic management system, with outstanding features of precise positioning, steady and reliable system and etc. 

Casting House Plant is equipped with 21 ingot production lines, and annual production can reach 2.4 million tons of various types of ingots. Taking advantages of the advanced equipment and process, Zhongwang can produce 1xxx to 8xxx aluminum alloy ingots.

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