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To manufacture high quality, over-dimension  heavy and medium aluminium alloy plate applied in aerospace, shipbuilding and chemical industries, the first class equipment and process are inevitably necessary. Tianjin Zhongwang introduces modern and advanced hot rolling mills, stretching machine, high precision quenching furnace, aging furnace and  water immersion type detection devices from abroad, which are strong guarantee of manufacturing high quality products.

Main advanced equipment:

Hot Rolling MillHot Rolling Mill
Hot Rolling Mill

Hot Rolling Mill: Tianjin Zhongwang purchases 4500mm 1+1+4 hot rolling mill from Germany SMS SIEMAG. The maximum work roll gap of the 4500mm plate rolling mill is up to 860mm, which is the largest openness for the plate rolling mill at present in the world. At present, the hot rolling mill has the second largest rolling force and the largest rolling torque, which can satisfy the production requirements of aircraft plates and plates for other application fields. This production line can supply the thickest tandem hot rolled coil stock and large scale of shipbuilding plate and container plate with special requirements, which contributes the strong competitiveness of Zhongwang. Tianjin Zhongwang also purchases two sets of 2650mm 1+5 hot rolling mills from Germany SMS SIEMAG. All the hot finish rolling mills adopt the CVC flatness control technology, which makes the mills have the worldwide best flatness control ability and can supply the best shape hot rolled strip.

Welding LinePusher Type Heating Furnace

Welding line: Tianjin Zhongwang purchases advanced welding equipment, which can work for the core plate with the dimension of 300
700thickness×12402700width×22008000mmlength. Pusher Type heating furnace: introduce 19 sets furnace from EBNER, a  Austrian company, max. Ingot Thickness of 810 mm, max. Ingot weight of 31.8 tons.

Roller Grinding Machine
Plate Stretching Machine

Roller Grinding Machine:  introduced from Italian Pomini, with the most advanced, full set and high efficient grinding house management system.

Plate Stretching machine: 100MN and 40 MN stretching machine introduced from SMS MEER, which can completely release the residual stress of the plate occurred after quenching. The stretching machines make Zhongwang have the ability to supply wing plate for Boeing787, A380, C919, ARJ21 and other planes..

Plate Aging Furnace
Roller Hearth Quenching

Plate aging furnace: introduced from EBNER with  maximum plate length of 39m. Three-step aging(T7751) can be realized, which can satisfy the high performance requirements of T7751 temper aerospace plates for big plane project and military airplanes.

Roller Hearth Quenching Furnace: introduced from EBNER(1 set of 38 m, 3 sets of 25m), with the ability of treating plate with maximum thickness of 250mm, maximum width of 4300mm.

High Precision Sawing
Ultrasonic Detection Device

Slab sawing machine and high precision sawing machine: introduced from French SERMAS and Austrian SCHELLING, which can realize the high precision of the products and the suction rate of the chips can reach 99%.

Ultrasonic detection device: introduced from SCANMASTER with detection grade of AA or AAA.

Plate Cut-To-Length Line
Plate Packaging Line

Cut-to-Length Line: the world widest plate cut-to-length line from GEORGE, with the capability of  producing large scale shipbuilding plate, refrigerating container plate and container plate, which makes Zhongwang have the incomparable market competitiveness.

Automatic plate packaging line: introduced from Finland Pesmel, which can realize high efficient and high quality plate packages.

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