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Tianjin Zhongwang introduces world leading technologies and equipment, including 6-high single stand cold rolling mills, two sets of three stands tandem cold rolling mills, one set of two-stand tandem cold rolling mill, wholly imported vertical intelligent storage and logistic management system, and finishing lines which fulfill all the requirements on manufacturing various kinds of Al. Plate and strip products. The finishing lines include trimming line, tension leveling line, air-floating type quenching line, coating line and packaging line. The products cover 1xxx to 8xxx with full product range and high quality.

Main equipment:

6 high Cold rolling millHigh bay storage

Cold Rolling Mill: consisting of 2800mm single stand, 2350mm single/two stands/three stands 6-high cold rolling mills from SMS Siemag, with unique intermediate roll shifting technology, which can realize automatic CVC control and ensures the good quality of cold rolled products.

Vertical Intelligent Storage and Logistic Management System: the high bay storage system introduced from Vollert, which function as the junction station to connect hot rolling plant, cold rolling plant and all finishing lines. Through perfect intelligent management, automatic stacking machine and AGV automatic coil transport vehicle, the system can realize highly intelligent production and greatly increase the logistic efficiency between process sequences.

Trimming Line
Tension Leveling Line

Trimming line: Applied with computer control technology, the trimming line can realize highly automation and is equipped with high speed trimming and recoiling function. Meanwhile, this line is also equipped with hydro static oiling machine and advanced on-line surface inspection devices.

Tension Leveling Line: applied with computer automatic control technology, the line can inspect and display the elongation rate of the strip during the tension leveling process so as to effectively improve the surface quality and flatness of the strip.

Air-floating Type Quenching Furnace
Coil Annealing Furnace

Air-floating type quenching furnace: the temperature range can satisfy the requirements of all series aluminum alloy. The strip is floating on the air during whole solution treatment process in the furnace, which ensures the heat treatment effect and surface quality of the strip.

Annealing furnace: applied with temperature automatic control system, which can realize the intermediate annealing of the coils and highly precise temperature control of the finish products. At the same time, the furnace also possesses the low temperature aging function.

Georg Cut-to-Length line
Coating Line

GEORG Cut-to-Length line: equipped with dynamic parameter monitoring sensor, which can realize the automatic control of the whole line procedure; the line is also equipped with semi-automatic sheet packaging system.

Coating line: used for the coating of can end and can tab material.

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