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Auxiliary facilities center laboratory, 220kV transformer station, gas system, water supply and drainage system, compress air station and etc.

Compress Air StationGas Regulator Station

Each production line is equipped with boiler house, compress air station, nitrogen station, Argon station, gas regulator station, oil storehouse and other public auxiliary facilities.

Electric power

Tianjin Zhongwang Aluminium Co., Ltd build one 220kV special transformer station, equipped with 4 sets of 120MVA main transformers. The main equipment inside the station are purchased from world famous suppliers, such as, ABB. Double circuit 220kV inlet line connects with Tianjin power grid, which ensures reliable power supply. The advanced 220kV GIS fully enclosed composite apparatus and 35kV SF6 C-GIS has outstanding features, such as small occupation space, cleanliness, steady operation, safe security and reliability. There are 25 sets of 35kV medium voltage distribution station in the whole plant so as to ensure the power supply of the production lines and  living facilities.

220kV   Transformer StationProtection and Computer Control System

Fully enclosed composite apparatus35kV SF6 Inflatable cabinet

The plant is equipped with sound water supply and drainage system, including clean water circulation system, dirty water circulation system, living sewage treatment and recycle system, production waste water treatment and recycle system, the treatment and recycle system for waste water with oil, and waste emulsion treatment system.

Emulsion Distillation SystemOil Recovery System

NEDERMAN Fume Filtration SystemSewage Treatment Station

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