BACKTianjin Zhong Wang management cadres visited and learned Liaoning Zhong Wang Group.
Guo Wenhui reports
In October 19, 2017, Ma Qingmei, chairman of Tianjin Zhong Wang, led a total of 70 management cadres above section level in Tianjin Zhong Wang went to  Liaoning Zhong Wang Group to visit and learn the management experience of outstanding enterprise, better managing the company, comprehensively improving the management level of the company and enhancing the  ideological consciousness of managers at all levels.
Chairman Ma and his party first traveled to Panjin Zhong Wang and Yingkou Zhong Wang to visit the factory area. The next morning, they went to Liaoyang to visit the wellspring -special vehicle-deep processing factory area. In the afternoon, they visited group exhibition hall, aluminum processing, melting and casting plant, aluminum alloy car body manufacturing plant, deep processing factory, mould factory and so on. Everywhere, visitors stopped to watch carefully and exchange experiences.
Liaoning Zhong Wang Group has been accelerating the development of high-end aluminum processing industry in recent years. The Group's innovative development and great potential in the fields of rail transit, automobile, aviation and aerospace have been favored by more and more enterprises and markets. Relying on its own comprehensive advantages, formulating development goals and strategic decisions in combination with specific implementations, through introducing advanced equipment, technology and production technology to develop and produce high value-added new products,  striving to enlarge and strengthen the main business of industrial aluminum profiles, It has developed into the world's second largest and Asia's largest industrial aluminum production R&D manufacturer, and has achieved a lot of results.
After visiting the factory area, departments in Tianjin and Liaoyang exchanged learning. Tianjin Zhong Wang actively study and learn from the management experience and practice of the group, accelerating the process of modernization, standardization and regulation of the company, and improve the work of the company's production management, safety management, environmental management, quality management, technology innovation and so on,strengthening the stamina of company's development .
This visit not only allowed the management cadres to fully understand the achievements of the Group's innovation and development, but also learned the advanced management experience and practices of the Group's production management, safety management and environmental management. Chairman Ma stressed that the experience learned from this visit should be exchanged and summarized within the unit and the department, give full play to their comprehensive advantages,let's work harder and take the opportunity to do the work in the econd half of the year.

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