BACKTianjin Zhong Wang Convened the General Party Branch and Trade Union Management Conference
The company held a conference on general Party branch and Trade Union management at the conference room two, four floor, administrative building on the morning of November 8, 2017. Tianjin Zhong Wang chairman Ma Qingmei, general manager Zheng Qingshan and general Party members and Trade Union members attended the meeting. Wu Xiaojing, the Secretary of the party general branch and Chairman of the Union, moderate the meeting and delivered a speech. 
At the beginning of the meeting, Wu Xiaojing, the Secretary of the general branch of the party and the Chairman of the Union, announced the organizational framework of the party's general branch, emphasized the duties of the staff of the Trade Union committee, and also made plans for the general Party branch and Trade Union work in 2018. Meanwhile, she stressed that the union members should always carry out the fundamental purposes of the Trade Union and keep in mind the requirements of our staff. Under the leadership of the company's general Party branch and the Trade Union, We should perform our rights and obligations well, to safeguard employees’ interests as a basic responsibility, to adjust the relationship between employees and company management as the key to the work, guided by the spirit of The 19th National Congress of CPC, in accordance with the requirements of the higher level party organizations, we should strengthen the work of Party building in non-public enterprises and promote the better development of Tianjin Zhong Wang.
Everyone said, as a party member, we must conscientiously do our own job well, give full play to the exemplary role of the party members, make every effort to solve the difficulties for stuff, put our heart and soul into serving for stuff, maintain the interests of the employees, persist in mass line, understand the staff's needs and family difficulties deeply, care for the physical and mental health of the employees, in order to strengthen the enterprise cohesion and the sense of belonging of employees, create a good and warm working atmosphere for employees, and lay a good mass basis for the development of the company.
At the meeting, Zheng Qingshan,the general manager stressed that, the significance and responsibility of the Party committee and the Trade Union should be deeply understood, fully understand the importance of Party building work, actively learn from the group, clarify the policy of Party building, improve the mechanism and implement it, develop the spirit of dedication to "endure hardships ahead, enjoy in the rear", performe a solid duty and making the construction of the party's primary organization, improve the work level of the party-building in an all-round way.
At last, Ma Qingmei, the chairman put forward that, Trade Unions are the bridge and bond of the party to connect with the masses, and the defenders of employees' interests. All the general party branches and trade union activities should be carried out around the staff. By carrying out various forms of activities, the employees should be guided to accept and integrate into the cultural atmosphere of the enterprise, so as to achieve a high integration between the "people-oriented" enterprise and the employees' "enterprise as the home". She demands that the general Party branch and the head of the trade union should unify the thought, improve the understanding, strengthen the leadership and do the work well, and create the cultural atmosphere of Tianjin Zhong Wang, "Loyal people create prosperous industries, loyalty leads to prosperity." with all the staff.

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