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Tianjin Zhongwang product-supply-sale integrated manage system

At the initiated period of company, the manager level has farseeing outsight, keep the pace with times, under the requirement of overall planning and central management , make decision of product-supply-sale integrated manage and control interconnection, 3 flow( mass flow, information flow and capital flow) synchronized. This system show up at high sufficient, optimized process, manufacture in good order, standard operation, in order to have live share, fast market response, high sufficient sale and production coordinate, support heavily for high quality and modern company.  

Since the occupied area is too large, level 2 are too much, it’s very hard to control by manual, we use MES to combine all level 2 into one total system, realize production plan download and real production upload automatically, can realize all production resource preparation, on-time quality monitoring. And realize reasonable arrangement of company resource, and office automatic by OA.

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